Friday, April 9, 2010

A little Easter egg-citement.

I resorted to using my super-powers to get the family to cooperate for some outdoor Easter pictures on Sunday after church.
Are you wondering what my super-power is?
Lean in closer and I'll whisper into your ear how to get your children to cooperate and allow you to take many, many pictures in order to get a couple nice shots....

..... it's called bribery.... It is magical and it is highly effective!

It went something like this.... "No one gets to hunt up any Easter eggs until I get some NICE family pictures taken."
And what do you know? Perfect obedience! I changed venue 3 different times. I took over 30 pictures with my camera on a tripod. I previewed and putzed and not one complaint. I love my super powers.
And then the hunt began.

The competition was fierce.

There were lots of smiles.
And a lot of dashing around the yard.

and then the loot was divided and they sunk into a blissful sugar coma.

Hope your Easter was wonderful!


the mom~ said...

GREAT pictures!!!

Denise said...

Lol. Funny. I just read this out loud to Mathern's and we all got a chuckle. Great pics. I need to practice your super powers.

Heather said...

Yep. I ALWAYS knew that you had super powers! You are a great teacher and example to all the rest of us mere mortals! Thanks for sharing your secret!