Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keep On Trying

A few weeks ago, Kip wanted to try to water ski while we were at Maple Lake. The only skis available for our 8-year-old to try skiing with was adult sized skis. Denise did some land instruction with Kippy before she tried it in the water.
Keep your body in the straight back chair position.
Let the boat pull you out of the water and keep your straight-back-chair position until you are all the way out of the water.
Hold your skis about shoulder width apart and don't let them wobble back and forth.

First, Kippy tried about 5 or 6 times with Denise giving her instructions in the water, but her legs were not strong enough to keep the large skis together. She kept a great attitude and after everyone warmed up, she wanted to try again.
This time, Steve and Lance went in the water with her and they tied the two skis together to help stabilize her.
Oh, here she goes....
Despite numerous attempts, she was only able to get up for a few seconds, but kept trying until she was just too tired. Lance and Denise were so patient with her. After each attempt, the boat would have to be circled around; the tow rope pulled in; throw the tow rope back out; get Kippy lined up again and give it another try. Hopefully, by next year she will have enough leg strength to get up on the skis.

Kippy, don't ever lose your willingness to persevere and keep on trying!


Lori said...

With a great attitude and willingness to try, this girl will be unstopable. Watch out world!!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! She's already farther along than i ever got! MB

Heather said...

Kippy is awesome!!! I love it when the kids don't give up easily and just keep trying. Good job little sister!!!

the mom~ said...

I love these pics, saw them on FB...she did an AMAZING job!!! I can't even ski, nor do I have the patience or strength to learn ;)

Anonymous said...

Loved the story! MM