Monday, May 11, 2009

Wacky day

Don't you wish you could dress all crazy and have a wacky day at work just to break up the monotony? Oh wait, I dress like that practically every day in my home office. Thank goodness my company does not do teleconferencing or I would have to update my entire wardrobe and maybe even have to wear make-up more frequently. As it stands, I get to look like a wacky-train-wreck-person 5 days a week.

My daughter; however, was ecstatic to have an official school day this past week to wear mismatched clothing yet feel so very stylish, hip and a tiny-bit gangsta.


Lori said...

Totally gangsta!! Very cool. I wish I could escape the pointing and laughter and get away with wearing something so fun. I hate being old some times. You are rockin' it, Abby!!

the mom~ said...

Sweet! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I imagine that's wacky for Abby but she could have worn 2 different shoes and thrown some green in there........She'd still look cute, tho'. She can't help it.
When can I SKYP her???

Charlene said...

Love the outfit!! Kids have so much fun at school!! I don't remember every getting to wear wacky clothes to school.(not on purpose)