Saturday, May 16, 2009

My special Mom's Day

I love, love, love when the girls make their own cards. These Mother's Day cards are so much better than Hallmark and I treasure them. Abby and Kippy out did themselves this year.

Kippy made a pop-up card, which doesn't translate very well on the scanner, but is just darling.

Outside.... "Hay do you now how much I Love you?!"
Inside... 3-D arms pop-out when you open the card... "This much!"

Abby's creation shows her (tween) sense of humor...

Outside has a cut-out window... showing "You suc"

Inside... "succeeded in being the best mom! I love you lots, all the time!!"

Kippy made a couple more cards that were so sweet. This is one requires the key to translate... "Mom you are veary beautyful you're an angel. Mom you are the music of my hart, the love and the star of the world!"

Plus I got this very sweet note that makes Angelique sound older than 8 years. "Almost nine years of being my mom, just think of the party when I'm ten. You are my life. I love you even when I'm mad althou sometimes I don't show it. I love you! Angelique" (NOTE: the inability to spell was inherited from me.)

We had a fabulous day together and I was completely spoiled... morning church, then lunch at Stella's in Battle Lake, a hike to Inspiration Peak, tolerating a photo shoot with me, ice cream at Grannies Panties and a blissful 90 minute nap. Steve grilled a delicious supper... teriyaki chicken, asparagus, brown rice, and fresh strawberries. Truly a perfect day!

I also got a beautiful silver locket to hold pics of my much loved daughters.


Charlene said...

what wonderful cards from two wonderful daughters!! Sounds like you have a fabulous day on Mother's Day!!

Lori said...

So cool!! I love the home made cards. They are best kind. Such sweet pics of you and the girls. They are treasures.

the mom~ said...

Sounds like the PERFECT day!