Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A surprise for Abby.

A little over a month ago, we added Bella to our family. Bella has claimed Abby's bed as her own since she sleeps with Abby at night. After I posted about Bella tearing a hole in Abby's comforter, Bella added another hole... which led us to begin the search for new bedding (much to Abby's delight).

Abby picked out a bright and fun bed-in-a-bag set from JCPenney's and I ordered it for her when I had gotten a free shipping coupon. (I love a good deal). Now for the surprise! The package came in the mail last week, but with evening activities, I didn't have time to set it up. I decided to enlist Kippy's help and surprise Abby on Saturday. Abby had left early Saturday AM for a girl scouts event in Grand Forks at UND's Aerospace center and was going to be gone all day.
So Kippy and I had a great time replacing all of Abby's bedding and adding the new sheets, bedskirt, comforter and arranging pillows. We were anticipating Abby's excitement and planned out that we wouldn't give Abby any hints when she got home.

We even added some funky wall stickers around the bed that came with the set. We figured since the stickers were repositionable then Abby would be able to change them up herself. I so enjoyed how excited Kippy was to be doing this for her big sister.
As it turned out, I wasn't home when Abby got back from Grand Forks and had the big reveal. Abby told me she loves her new bedding and Steve and Kippy confirmed that the surprise was a big hit! The colors and design seem to fit in with all of her Jonas Brother's and HSM posters!


Lori said...

So cool! What a great surprise. The bright colors are fabulous. I hope Bella lets this one live a long a colorful life.

the mom~ said...

What a fabulous surprise! I love it!!!

Charlene said...

I love all those bright colors!! She looks very happy to have the coolest mom around!!