Monday, December 15, 2008

Wow - it's really cold!

Negative 16 degrees? Oh how I wish there was a plus sign in front of that number! I hear it is going to get even colder by tomorrow morning. At least we can brag about having a white Christmas 'cause at these temps there is no chance it will melt in the next 10 days!

Sunday morning, Steve shoveled and shoveled so we could get to church. While we were at church, the snow kept piling up and the winds kept blowing at 40 MPH. We almost got the van stuck trying to get home from church, but Steve was able to back up a 1/2 a block and take a different route. Once we got home, we could no longer get into our driveway! The wind had blown in the driveway, plus a snowplow had gone by and completed the job. The girls and I stumbled through the drifts, while Steve got warmer clothes on and cleared enough snow to get the van back in the garage. In retrospect... leaving the house was probably not our best idea.

Due to the storm, today was a no school day for Steve and the girls. Of course, I didn't think that was fair since my office window was so drifted in that it felt like I was working in a cave. I whined a lot about it throughout the day of course!

Yup - I strictly stay inside where it isn't even close to negative degrees and watch my Knight in Shining Armor dig us out from the storm!


the mom~ said...

Hey I did the same Sunday, watched from the window...hehehe!
This weather bited if you ask me, I'm thinking San Diego looks good right about NOW!

Heather said...

I stay inside all cozy and warm too. Our snowblower wouldn't start so Derek was shoveling the drive way when our accross the street neighbor saw him and took pity! He was able to finish the job and then some with a big, powerful snow blower. And he was STILL out there for 2 hours!

Charlene said...

I am so glad church was cancelled for us. We stayed nice and warm and didn't even bother with the shoveling until Monday. I shoveled a path, and then my neighbor plowed the sidewalk, and my backyard neighbor ployed our driveway. I have awesome neighbors! I told Roger we need to get a snow blower. Shoveling takes too long in this cold!!