Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lots o' cookies!

Today was our Christmas cookie baking day. Our house smells so darn delicious! It just doesn't seem like Christmas unless I make Gingerbread cookies. Sigh... I love those guys!
Kippy is trying to "look" like her gingerbread man...
Of course, after 3 hours, I am pretty tired of it, but there is some satisfaction in getting the job done. Plus we love snacking on the tasty treats.
Now if I can just keep everyone's little mitties (including mine) off the ones I need for the cookie exchange on Tuesday afternoon. I may have to lock 'em up!
What is your favorite Christmas cookie?


Lori said...

Those look very yummy. I can't wait until Tuesday!!

Heather said...

I love rosettes, even though I have never made them on my own. My grandma even showed me how to do it the year before she died. I have her recipe and rosette iron....I just need to do it I guess. I also love chocolate crinkles, sandies, peanut butter balls, gingersnaps, oh there's just too many! Can't wait until Tuesday!