Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall harvest

We planted this Honey Crisp apple tree in our backyard 6 months after we moved to Fergus Falls, in April 2003. We have enjoyed 3 harvests from our tree, but this year was by far the largest despite the fact the wind has blown many apples off the tree. Last week Friday, I went out to help myself to an apple and I noticed the yellow jackets were swarming and munching on them, so I quickly did the harvest myself. Filled up one crisper drawer. The apples are crunchy & juicy... the perfect eating apple! At first the girls weren't too happy with me that I picked them all myself, but when I explained that I was getting swarmed by yellow jackets, they changed their tune.


Lori said...

Those are probably the best late apple around. They are so crisp!! For a good early eating and canning apple you should try a yellow transparent. They are really good and ready to eat in July. Great harvest...way to go!

the mom~ said...

And was that apple ever delicious too! I love the picture of the apples in the basket, beautiful!