Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun on the farm

We spent a couple days at the farm this past weekend. Russ & Kristy's boys were there as well as Randy & Anna's kids, which means all 7 grand-kids were hanging out. So what do you do for fun when you are at the farm? One idea is to have a contest to see who can find the most unique treasures. The results were pretty interesting. I ended up being the reluctant judge of their bucket finds.
Or you can ride your bike... Nixin was champion of that even though there aren't any paved roads. He is a biking machine!
How about building a fort out of tomato cages? Noah, Kippy and Logan created windows, doors, and separate rooms. They even pulled long grass and laid it down for the floor. So creative plus they entertained themselves for hours.
After having the kids work for an hour gathering branches and fallen trees, you can have a huge bonfire and roast some marshmallows. No pictures, but it was very impressive... and fun.

Clowning around with your cousins is a must. And notice the traditional bright red Kool-Aid lips.
Exploring in the barn and discovering a new batch of kittens was one of the highlights of the weekend for Noah, Kippy and Logan. They quickly named the 5 kitties (Ella, Alice, Mario, Marie & Patches). Noah desperately wanted to bring one home.
Or just spending time hanging out on the porch, telling stories and laughing. My favorite thing of all to do!
I had to grab Abby's traditional picture beside her birthday tree. Both Abby and her crab-apple tree are 12 years old.


Lori said...

What an excellent weekend. I just love time with family. The farm looks like every kids paradise. There is SO much for them to do.

Charlene said...

What a fun place to be with family!! Everyone should have a farm in their family...I agree with Lori, kids would love it. I know my kids would!!

the mom~ said...

Sounds wonderful! Ethan would LOVE a farm to spend time on, how lucky for your family to have it!!!